Under the guidance of Chef Károly Pintér, our kitchen transforms into an intellectual workshop, meticulously crafting each dish from its conceptual inception to the ultimate realization of taste, aroma, and texture.

Our gastronomic philosophy is close to modern simplicity, based on the roots of the past but following the world’s movements. In our contemporary cuisine, we respect the ingredients, sometimes complementing traditional methods with flavours from different cuisines around the world, sometimes more restrained, sometimes more intense. This is how NOON’s a’la carte menu offers a holistic experience for all our senses.

Culinary dinner experience

Indulge in a culinary dining experience at NOON Restaurant & Lounge, featuring a selection of exquisite à la carte menus available with your reservation.

Etiquette, useful information

Please make a reservation in any case. The restaurant has a smart casual dress code. Please contact our staff 24 hours in advance if you have a food allergy or intolerance, or if you require a vegetarian menu. Please contact our staff to help you choose the wine pairing that best suits your tastes.

Pets or any other animals, excluding guide or assistance dogs, are not permitted in the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.

We also welcome non-hotel guests, subject to availability, for reservations please call +36/87-512-500.

Our menu is effortlessly cosmopolitan, made unforgettable by our passionate colleagues.