Spa & Wellness

The time spent recharging is not a luxury, but a need. We provide this on more than 1000 m2 screen free spaces. By sitting in LUA Spa’s panoramic adventure pool and the huge jacuzzi, your everyday problems will almost dissolve into the water. In the winter you can enjoy Lake Balaton from the heated outdoor pool and in the summer you can feel how nature puts its arm around you on our private sun lounges, right on top of the water..

The wellness facility is complete with extraordinary metal framed, stainless steel pools, that are less well known in Hungary; and last but not least- the float spa: which is a high salt content filled, uniquely shaped pool for two, in which one can relax by floating, imitating the floating experience in the Dead-sea. Floating has similar beneficial effects, like relaxing training, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga and massage; both from psychological and physical aspects. Your muscles, joints are relieved, and relax entirely.

Sauna bathing is one of the most popular ways to relieve stress and maintain health worldwide. Finnish, infra, bio sauna, as well as a steam cabin, and in the relaxation area comfortable beds, refreshing drinks and fresh fruit promotes the physical and mental renewal.

Our treatments follow the world renowned Omoroviza protocol. This amazing cosmetics brand has recognized the Hungarian thermal water and healing mud’s wonderful effects on the skin. The latest mineral agents, the human touch and the healing waters’ extreme mineral content all guarantee the amazing success rate of the Omorovicza facials and body treatments.

Our massages are designed exclusively for the LUA resort and they begin with a welcoming ritual, followed by intense massaging and relaxing movements executed by our professional massage therapists for absolute relaxation of the body, while mesmerizing scents and crystal clean natural agents pamper your skin and senses.

LUA Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation, tranquility, and perfect harmony for our valued guests. We kindly request your assistance in maintaining this serene environment.

The luxury cosmetics brand that has made Hungarian thermal waters and the traditional Hungarian facial massage’s beautifying effect world-famous.

Stay moving! On the 3rd floor of our hotel there is a panoramic TECHNOGYM gym with a terrace, equipped with 2 treadmills, 2 elliptical trainers, 1 bicycle and a multi-pad dumbbell set.