Exceptional waterfront location – combining distinctive amenities and services all in one spot.

The expansive structure offers versatile possibilities for hosting significant gatherings such as events, conferences, exhibitions, Christmas celebrations, weddings, as well as serving as an ideal setting for workshops, educational initiatives, press briefings, and off-site meetings. Its adaptable layout can be expanded to accommodate exhibitions spanning various industries. Enhanced by its proximity to Lake Balaton and the meticulously landscaped surroundings, we can provide an unparalleled environment.

The structure is segregated into two clearly defined functional areas: a 231 square meter, column-free space capable of accommodating 220 individuals. This area is partitioned by three soundproof, adaptable movable walls, linked to the foyer. To ensure seamless functionality, all three section rooms are wheelchair accessible and feature floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces that provide a sweeping vista of Lake Balaton, alongside comprehensive blackout capabilities. It comes with air conditioning and cutting-edge integrated audiovisual technology, featuring a 3 x 5-meter setup with an embedded LED wall.

The large glass walls of the event hall are an integral part of the marina and the 5-star hotel opposite. We strive to operate as an environmentally friendly venue, using sustainable solutions, including an environmentally friendly cooling and heating system for the comfort of our guests.

LUA’s gastronomic concept offers an effortlessly elegant bistro gastronomic experience. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Károly Pintér and with the support of Chef Consultant István Pesti, passionate colleagues create memorable and impeccable flavours every day from exceptional quality ingredients. The menu is created using seasonal ingredients from local producers and sustainable farms, and is prepared in line with healthy eating principles, taking into account food sensitivities and intolerances.

231 m2 of column-free space

Can be sectioned into 3 rooms

Wall-to-wall glass or full blackout option



High quality gastronomy

Modern audiovisual technology

Outdoor location by the water

5 star hotel (nearby)

Event management (programmes)

Dedicated wedding planner

Environmentally conscious (location)

Capacity and floor plan