LUA l’amour

LUA Resort isn’t merely a location but a lifestyle—a place where every word and action carries deliberate significance. The contemporary architecture, along with the marina ambiance, sets the stage for an exquisite experience. Whether it’s the sleek lines of the building with its sweeping views of Lake Balaton, the enchanting conservatory, or the restaurant, each offers an ideal backdrop for a standing reception or a seated dinner, inviting guests to embark on a memorable culinary journey. Weather permitting, the floating bridge on Lake Balaton can serve as an elegant and unforgettable venue for civil ceremonies and a series of engagement or wedding photoshoots for the newlyweds.

Guided by our seasoned wedding planner, we are committed to crafting an unforgettable day for the couple. Our commitment includes delivering top-tier service and comprehensive event coordination from the initial planning stages to the culmination of the celebration. Collaborating with the nation’s finest wedding service providers, we guarantee that every moment of the wedding aligns precisely with the couple’s envisioned dream.

Our executive chef and their team employ the finest ingredients to ensure that both the newlyweds and their celebration party enjoy a remarkable culinary journey.

The hotel has a total of 67 rooms and 11 suites, all contributing to a relaxing stay for your loved ones and friends.

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