Beauty is a choice. At LUA Resort*****Balatonfüred we can help you to make your skin glow.

The magic of the healing waters come from their unique mix of minerals and trace elements. The beneficial properties of the healing waters to the bathers’ skin is well known. In the thermal baths the minerals only have effect on the surface of the skin.  Less well known is the fact that they do not absorb into the skin – they are not “bio-available”. To capture the magic, it was essential to find a way to deliver these minerals deep into the epidermis.

Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza, whose ancestors the Omorovicza family built a beautiful thermal bath, the Racz Furdo In the 1800’s decided to deepen the research on the potentials of the wonderful healing waters in Hungary with the help of well-known scientists of Szeged University. Together, they developed and patented the Healing Concentrate™, a unique complex that is able to deliver the therapeutic minerals to the deepest layers of the skin.

The OMOROVICZA brand now has gained a prestigious place in the worlds luxury cosmetics and spa brands. Its success is thanks to the production using the latest technology combining the active substances with natural ingredients in perfect harmony, as well as their extraordinary massages based on the human touch. OMOROVICZA believes in clean skin care therefore all of their products are free from unsafe synthetic ingredients.

The products used in the treatments are available for purchase, so you don’t have to miss out on iconic products at home. For more information, please contact the Spa Reception.