LUA Signature BreakfastTM

In this fast paced lifestyle we often try to save on the first meal of the day: the breakfast. At LUA resort it is strongly recommended to nibble on various delicious bites while you enjoy a conversation for hours on end. Waffles, pancakes, smoked salmon, crispy bacon, Eggs Benedict, salads…shakes, superfoods and granolas….we cater for those with special dietary requirements also…the ingredients list of the perfect brunch style breakfast could go on forever. A unique juice station is at your disposal, where local produce and freshly pressed juices and smoothies are also available in our selection. The LUA Speciality CoffeeTM means unique roasting and premium quality coffee, that is prepared by our professional baristas from OneEleven’s unique roasted beans at the coffee station, conveniently located in the middle of the restaurant. At the LUA BakeryTM there are delicious, exclusively fresh, high quality artisanal bakery products made from local, GMO free ingredients without any additives.

The slow mornings are perfectly complemented by the sublime view of the Balaton and the characteristic view of the rocking sailboats in the marina as well as the rising sun’s velvety rays… If we were to pour a glass of prosecco accompanying your meals you are guaranteed not to feel like getting up from your table. Late risers don’t miss out on anything either; our room service team provides the champagne breakfast’s unmissable experience until noon.