Culinary & Bar culture

We are elevating bistro gastronomy to unprecedented heights in our Michelin-recommended contemporary restaurant. At our establishment, we seamlessly merge the timeless roots of culinary traditions with the dynamic pulse of the modern world.

We invite our guests on an excursion that stimulates all the senses. Clean interior, quality ingredients, modern technology, sustainability. Light, cosmopolitan offerings, passionate colleagues.

When the smoke is gone, the experience stays with you forever… Let us introduce you to the menu of the cocktail bar, where the experience comes from the harmonic unity of the following three things: visional experience, flavour and aroma.

In this fast paced lifestyle we often try to save on the first meal of the day: the breakfast. At LUA resort it is strongly recommended to nibble on various delicious bites while you enjoy a conversation for hours on end. Waffles, pancakes, smoked salmon, crispy bacon, Eggs Benedict, salads…

Unique roasting, premium quality OneEleven coffee that is prepared by our professional at the coffee station, conveniently located in the middle of the restaurant.