The View by LUA

We promise the view, but we give you so much more! The View by LUA opens a new era in the history of magical Balaton nights. The rooftop bar of the Kékszalag PORT harbour is a vibrant and cosmopolitan hotspot thanks to its five-star luxury hotel, offering unique views and an immersive Balaton experience unlike anything else on the Hungarian coast.

The rooftop bar is designed for big nights and even bigger moments: a place where you can enjoy the unparalleled, magical atmosphere of the Balaton sunsets with a heady Negroni or a well-chilled champagne in hand, the DJ set’s pulsating beats in your ears.

The View hot dog – signature food of the rooftop bar

Crispy sausages from Tekeresvölgy Estate, truffle mayonnaise and caviar, onion crisp, pickled mustard seeds, cucumber jam, purple cabbage, zatar, artisan hot dog buns.

The crispy sausage is the joint work of executive chef Károly Pintér and Tekeresvölgyi Családi Birtok, and is made only for the rooftop bar. As well as the artisanal hot dog bun, the result of continuous development with the Brucker bakery. Instead of mustard, we use truffle mayonnaise and – get ready for the real madness – truffle caviar. You wouldn’t think it, but Hungary is a truffle powerhouse, which is why we chose the liquid essence of truffle, encased in a “pearl”.

The rooftop bar will be closed during the autumn and winter seasons. We eagerly await its reopening in spring 2024.