Our philosophy

We are taking bistro gastronomy to a whole new level with Executive Chef Károly Pintér.

Károly has extensive professional experience, having gained his expertise at the Kempinski Hotel in Budapest, and represented Hungary’s gastronomy at the Dubai World Expo as the head chef of the Hungarian pavilion. As part of the presentation, the gastronomic offer in the form of a bistro menu was highlighted, which was presented to nearly two million world travellers. According to Károly, being a chef today is an exciting opportunity because you can work with a wide variety of ingredients. He would be proud to show any of his plates to foodies visiting starred places, because he believes that taste is everything and he is confident in that. He takes pride in creating dishes with ingredients he can source from producers he knows well. He offers light and fresh dishes. His elegant but relaxed cuisine is characterised by a blend of traditional Hungarian flavours with French and other international elements, and a willingness to innovate and creativity.

His work is supported by the charismatic and sophisticated representative of fine dining, István Pesti. The internationally renowned chef continues to be based at the Platan Gourmet in Tata, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, and is also responsible for the hotel’s gastronomic advice.

We invite you on an excursion that will stimulate all your senses, guided by our excellent chefs. Clean interiors, quality ingredients and modern technology are combined with respect for traditional methods. We buy from local producers to promote sustainability and the local economy, and our gastronomy is inspired by fresh ingredients from the local area. Our offerings are effortlessly big-world, with exceptional quality ingredients made unforgettable by passionate colleagues.

We also welcome non-hotel guests, subject to availability, for reservations please call +36/87-512-500.