On the domestic and international travel scene, there are several 5-star, “adult-only” hotels offering eco-conscious services on a luxury level. The expectations and travelling habits of guests have also changed; They are seeking such options and locations to relax and unwind, where hedonism and sustainability are hand in hand with each other, and where they can enjoy the tranquility of an adult retreat on a luxury level without having to feel guilty about it. Mankind’s constant dilemma is the balance between welfare and well-being. The conscious lifestyle and LUA Resort***** Balatonfüred provides the answer. The concept is at the intersection of consciousness, luxury, conscious hedonism and sustainable luxury.

Luxurious, unconventional, adult

The resort is in front of Balatonfüred’s brand new marina, where welfare is accompanied by well-being; and where we can experience a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle and the option of an adult retreat, as well as exclusive and personalized services on a luxury level.

Who do we offer it to?

To true urbanists, adventure seeker carpe diem lovers. For beginner and advanced level gourmands and hedonists.

Room types

There is a place, away from the city’s noise, where we can leave the busy weekdays behind, where luxury is not all about sparkle, but quality me-time and the option of a retreat. A place, where we can allow ourselves to let go and have the option of total renewal on natural grounds.


Natural recharging. We strive to create values even in our spa- and wellness section: it showcases how modern techniques are combined with tradition and natural solutions.


Personalized care from the moment of your arrival.
At LUA Resort there are no impossible requests, we endeavour to fulfill every wish that can make your stay even more enjoyable.

LUA Sleeping ConceptTM

The perfect sleep is just as important as a healthy lifestyle and the right nutritional choices; they all add to your personal wellness, and your rejuvenation can start on natural grounds.

LUA SustainabilityTM

Our guests make counscious decisions about their life, and during their travels they aspire to protect the environment. There is no concrete definition for how a hotel will become sustainable, but the number of carbon footprint minimalizing solutions are very wide in 2022.