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All the treasures of nature: the healing waters, the minerals, the healing power of plants and the wonder of human touch bring us back to the harmony of wholeness. Choose from LUA Spa treatments!

Massages and body treatment rituals

LUA signature back massage 30’ 

The treatment designed exclusively for our hotel begins with a fragrant warm wrap to ease the back, neck and shoulder area, followed by more intense massaging and relaxing movements executed by our professional massage therapists to eliminate accumulated tensions.

30’ | 15.000 HUF

LUA signature full body massage 50’

The treatment designed exclusively for our hotels, begins with a fragrant warm wrap to relax the whole body, followed by more intense massaging and relaxing movements executed by our professional massage therapists to eliminate accumulated tensions, finished by a short feet massage and anti-stress head massage.

50’ | 20.000 HUF

LUA Dynamic Apres sportmasszázs 50′

The massage treatment, exclusively designed for our hotel, is a relaxing attunement session with our trained therapist, who uses intense strokes to deeply mobilise tired muscles and joints. Ideal after exercise or to relax tight muscles.  

50′ | 27.000 Ft

Omorovicza classic Hungarian mud body treatment 90’

Choose this body treatment if you are looking for detox and deep cleanse. This treatment begins with a body scrub of a sea-salt healing mud and capsaicin that has been extracted from paprika, followed by a healing mud body mask from Héviz.  During the mud mask you receive a relaxing head massage to finish the treatment. The mixture of oils used revitalizes and detoxifies the skin.

90’ | 50.000 HUF

Spa Senses Bodypeeling Ritual 50’

Escape into a beautiful aromatic world with this body peeling treatment. This treatment begins with a unique, aromatic welcoming scent to put you in the mood followed by a thorough body peel of minerals and thermal water salts. We let the nutritious active ingredients absorb into the skin shortly, while we pamper you with a relaxing head massage. The peel removes dead skin cells, and your skin’s ability to regenerate multiplies. A true anti-aging treatment for your skin. After we remove the peel from your skin we treat you to a pampering massage with a lotion enriched with vitamin-E and hemp oil.

50’ | 40.000 HUF

Spa Senses Complete Indulgent Body Ritual Energising 90’

Welcome Ritual- Body Peeling- Sapphire Body Wrap- Spa Senses massage
Total rejuvenation for the body and the soul. The sapphire, which is also called the gem of heaven, is a strongly energizing gem stone on a physical level, and it has revitalizing features as well as aides clear vision. Our lotion contains sapphire particles that is applied after a peel rich in minerals.  For the massage we use a massage gel containing malachite extract, which is also a semi-precious stone. After the treatment your skin will be smoothed and polished to perfection. We highly recommend this pampering session to those we are going through trying times or who are in responsible positions at work and to those whose skin is in need of nourishing and rejuvenation.

90’ | 60.000 HUF

Spa Senses Releasing De-Tens Therapy/ invigorating candle massage 50’

Our massage candle contains exclusively natural soy wax, coconut oil and orange extract rich in vitamins and the warm melting wax is poured onto the body. This treatment nourishes the skin and boosts collagen production, hence it acts as an anti-aging agent.

50’ | 30.000 HUF

Circulation Activating Ritual /Circulation activating body wrap and massage for tired feet with glacier water 50’

If you have trouble in hot temperatures, or your feet get oedematous in the heat, or if you just simply have walked a lot, then this treatment ritual is for you.  The intense cooling body wrap and the massage are beneficial to lymphatic circulation, after which you will feel as if you are walking on the top of clouds.

50’ | 30.000 HUF

Omorovicza facials

Gold Hydralifting Facial 70’

Gold Hydralifting Mask assists skin’s renewal and creates a sensation of instant tightening. The rose-scented express treatment also contains hyaluronic acid that plumps and provides the skin with long lasting hydration.

70’ | 50.000 HUF

Blue Diamond Facial 70’

The best anti-aging treatment. The most comprehensive, anti-aging treatment containing a thorough cleansing, with the usage of healing mineral copper. The gentle enzymatic peel with Blue Diamond Skin Renewing Facial Scrub, that will leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. It is followed by a hydrating and replenishing mask that significantly smoothens your skin thanks to the microcapsules containing hyaluronic acid. The classical Omorovicza massage movements help the skin’s microcirculation, and also the oxygen supply of the tissues, so your skin will regain its plumpness and tightness. The treatment also includes our relaxing eye massage.

70’ | 50.000 HUF

Relaxing Queen Facial 75’

The Queen facial provides a truly relaxing experience. Have some time for yourself, slow down your body and mind, and enjoy the joy this treatment gives. The facial begins with a light back scrub and a warm rose quartz back massage, it continues with a silky lotion cleansing, followed by light peeling. A pampering gold mask will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin and freshen your soul. As a part of this treatment you will receive a slow detox massage, that tackles the puffiness of the face and helps the excess water and toxins clear away from your body. The treatment stops time and brings perfect peace to body and soul.

75’ | 50.000 HUF

Facials for Men 50’

Simply the best facial for men. Men’s skin also needs care, cleansing and this facial involves a gentle Hévíz mud peel rich in minerals, followed by a deep cleanse, as well as a refreshing face massage, that leaves your tired skin hydrated. The head-, and shoulder massage causes congestion and releases our body from stress caused tension. The perfect anti-stress treatment continues in the bar, where we welcome you for complimentary G&T.

50’ | 50.000 HUF


SPA Floating cabin for two

This relaxation method, popular worldwide, is equally used by athletes to improve performance, business people under substantial stress, students during examination periods, exhausted mothers – to – be and mothers of young children or simply those wanting to unwind. Medical science is also increasingly using floatation for the complementary treatment of various illnesses. The effects of floating on concentration and the brain’s increased efficiency were discovered early in the corporate world as well; floating has spread among multinational firms (in the UK and Japan), with float rooms being built in office buildings, allowing tired workers to refresh themselves during their lunch break and before important meetings. Moreover, floating stimulates circulation and increases the amount of oxygen transported, so it is often used by those leading sedentary lifestyles and is recommended following long flights to avoid thrombosis. The concentrated salt content in the cabin exerts a beneficial effect on asthma patients, reducing the number and intensity of attacks, and also increases the amount of oxygen flowing into the lungs. The anti – inflammatory effect of salt alleviates symptoms stemming from inflammation of the facial cavity and the vocal cords, sinusitis and bronchitis. Floating is therefore recommended for all those who wish to improve their performance, both physical and mental, those who would like to counter the stress of their hectic lives and those who would like to experience an innovative means of relaxation. The effects of a floating session are instantaneous. The detrimental effects of stress on our bodies disappear; tense muscles relax, our brain is cleared of negative thoughts, and the cabin excludes all intrusive elements which interfere with physical and mental regeneration. Nowadays, we are exposed to a huge amount of stimulation, noise and effects; when floating, we can literally feel our mind grow calm and our body relax.

60’ | 20.000 HUF