LUA body treatment, massages

Omorovicza Gold Body Treatment

Gold is a mineral with proven anti-inflammatory properties, helping to heal micro damage inflicted by daily life and to revitalise the skin. This treatment involves an exfoliation with a golden sugar scrub and soothing massage with fragrant oil enriched with gold particles. It will leave your skin glowing.

60 mins | 32.000 Ft

LUA signature body massage

LUA signature head to toe body massage (50′) The treatment designed exclusively for LUA resort, begins with a fragrant warm wrap to ease the whole body, followed by more intense massaging and relaxing movements executed by our professional massage therapists to eliminate accumulated tensions. Closed by a short foot massage, and a stress relieving head massage.

50 mins | 22.000 HUF

Spa Senses Releasing De-Tens

Spa Senses Releasing De-Tens Therapy/ invigorating candle massage (50′) Our massage candle contains exclusively natural soy wax, coconut oil and orange extract rich in vitamins and the warm melting wax is poured onto the body. This treatment nourishes the skin and boosts collagen production, hence it acts as an anti-aging agent.

50 mins | 33.000 HUF

The supplementary packages can be booked in addition to your accommodation booking.