Know your GIN™

All you need for a gin and tonic is gin and tonic. Although this is not far from the truth, it does make a difference what gin and tonic you mix.

Every Wednesday from 17:00 – 18:00 and from 20:00 – 21:00 we hold Gin & Tonic tastings. Join us and discover the way to the perfect combination!

Tasting package


  • Monkey 47 Fever Tree Indian Tonic (Cranberry/ Lemon Peel/ Chamomile Flower)
  • Seven Hills Tokaj Gin Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic (Mint/ Rose Pepper/Strawberry)
  • Volcano Etna Rose Gin/ Volcano Tonic (Blue Grape/Rosemary/ Lime (Dehydrated)
  • Ketel 1 Genever East Imperial Tonic (Bodza/ Ginger/Blackberry)

Snack selection

  • Olive, seeds and butter with homemade bread

LUA Sustantibility Water™

The participation fee is 9.500 HUF/person + 15% service fee. Seating is limited (6 persons/tasting), please contact NOON Bar for reservations.