LUA Studio – Endre Kertész – 16 / 02 / 2024

We are proud to present acoustic concerts featuring exceptional representatives of jazz, world music, and popular music.*

Endre Kertész, the acclaimed cellist, promises to enchant you with his beautiful melodies on the evening of Friday, 16 February 2024, at 19:30.

A first-generation musician, he commenced his cello journey at the age of five at the Vujisic Music School. Continuing his musical education, he studied under Tibor Párkányi, the inaugural cellist at the Opera House. His dedication led him to Vienna; despite facing rejection from the music academy in Budapest due to his long hair, he was welcomed in Vienna. There, he further honed his skills under the guidance of Wolfgang Herzer, the principal cellist of the opera house.

During this period, he embarked on a year-long adventure in Barcelona, supported by an Erasmus scholarship. His musical journey took him across the globe, as he toured with various bands in China, Israel, England, Poland, the Netherlands, and Finland. Displaying remarkable versatility, he delved into diverse genres, including baroque music, contemporary compositions, Arabic melodies, and jazz. Known for his restless and open character, he often graces the stage wearing mismatched socks, a reflection of his unique personality. Among his cherished philosophies is Frank Zappa’s famous motto, which he embraces as his own: “Music is not dead, it just smells funny.”

More information:

  • The music program is complimentary for our guests, but reservations are necessary.
  • We also welcome non-hostel guests, a minimum reservation of 10,000 HUF per person is necessary.

*Programme subject to change without notice.

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